2017 AAG annual meeting, Boston, April 5-9 2017

Cities throughout history experience different patterns of growth. Some might show fast growth over longer periods, while others may struggle and slip into decline. Yet, in spite of this, cities can experience a turnaround: some cities in decline may experience renewed growth, and growing cities can experience the reverse.

A city’s ability to adapt and change – in political and economic terms – against wider economic changes is crucial in supporting its sustained growth. Yet previous urban and regional studies have shown that the evolution of cities and regions can vary, and the patterns of development can be uneven. This special session at the 2017 AAG in Boston aims to explore these city evolutions in the context of economic change.

At a time when cities and city-regions are assuming increasing prominence in discussions around economic growth and prosperity, this session will be a timely and important discussion for understanding the economic evolution of cities on a global scale, and ask what this means for policy.

More details about this session will be available at this page soon. If you would like more information, please contact Emil Evenhuis: ee293@cam.ac.uk.

More details on the conference can be found at: www.aag.org/cs/annualmeeting