UK City Workshops, Spring 2017

To better understand the differences in the economic growth patterns of UK cities, we will be exploring the economic paths of five different cities in depth. These are Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Tees Valley (specifically Middlesbrough and Stockton) and Peterborough.

Details for Glasgow and Tees Valley are now online.

While every city has a distinct story to tell about its economic evolution, there are patterns and pathways shared by may places, for example cities that once relied on heavy industry will have experienced similar challenges as the country’s economy shifted toward services, and many of the new towns will have seen similar patterns of growth too.

As part of a comprehensive case study, we will be holding workshops at the five case study cities to explore and understand the economic histories of each place more deeply. Each case study will explore the characteristics and events which determined the city’s growth; what their historical and evolving industrial structure looks like; and look at how the city has performed since 1971 and explore what that means for local policymakers.

The workshops will be a chance for around 15 local policymakers to learn about the case studies so far, and discuss and debate how policy – historic and current – has shaped and shifted the economic growth potential of the city.

You can find more details of workshops as they become available on the events page.